Missing You Messages and Quotes: Expressing Longing and Remembrance

There is a special person in our life, when we go away, we miss him/her a lot. He/she can be anyone father, mother, wife, grandfather, grandmother, brother other. Share your thoughts with them and send them miss you messages or quotes. Missing you quotes express your memories, feelings, bonding, loneliness, love and caring. Check out our collections of longing wishes and miss you messages.

Heartfelt Messages for When You Miss Someone Dear

Heartfelt Messages for When You Miss Someone Dear

Difficult to miss someone dear! You say “I miss you” to your loved ones every day, or in a week. While saying I miss you to someone is enough to make a place in their heart, miss you messages can increase those warm fuzzies and heart feelings. Sending these heartfelt messages even when you are far away can reveal your emotions.

Counting the seconds until we’re together again, doesn’t heal my loneliness. I miss you so much honey.

You need to get out of my thoughts and into my arms where you belong. Please come back!

I’m incomplete when you’re away, but I feel more than whole when you’re here.

Your love is like air. I will never stop wanting more and more, but I can’t touch it, because you’re away and I miss you so much.

When you’re here, I want to spend every second with you. When you’re not, every second lasts too long and my only cure is to dream of you.

With your arms around me, it feels like home and I’m so homesick right now. I miss you my Love!

Try to catch raindrops; the ones you catch will indicate how much you miss me, and the ones you miss will indicate how much I miss you.

Every time my heart beats, every time my eyes blink, every second of every day, I miss you! I already miss you so much.

I won’t say much more than this. I’d be lost without you. You are my everything. I miss you.

I need a hug, a kiss, and some warmth, and I want to be touched intimately. I need all of the above. Miss you, sweetie!

Quotes about Missing Someone: Reflecting on the Emotions of Absence

Quotes about Missing Someone: Reflecting on the Emotions of Absence

Someone special absence hurts you! Being away from the most important part of your life hurts you the most. If you are not able to guess the words correctly, then take the help of some best missing you quotes and put your feelings, emotions and memories on a card. We hope that these quotes of ours will remove your loneliness.

Parting is all we know of heaven, and all we need of hell. ― Emily Dickinson

Absence from whom we love is worse than death, and frustrates hope severer than despair. ― William Cowper

The joy of meeting pays the pangs of absence; else who could bear it? ― Nicholas Rowe

I miss him in so many ways, but right now I miss him in the way you always miss someone when you’re single among a room full of couples. ― Emily Giffin

Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in heart. ― Kay Knudsen

“It’s better for people to miss you than to have seen too much of you.” – Edward Norton

“Missing someone and not being able to see them is the worst feeling ever.” – Nathanael Richmond

“And they can’t understand, what hurts more—missing the other person, or pretending not to.” – Khadija Rupa

“I miss you in ways that not even words can understand.” – Gemma Troy

“It’s so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been if it had never shone.” – John Steinbeck

Long-Distance Relationships: Wishes for Staying Connected

Long-Distance Relationships: Wishes for Staying Connected

Every relationship has to go through the test of time. Long distance relationship is not easy, you have to live without seeing the face of your beloved. Communication is the only way through which you can express your emotion and love but sharing heartfelt wishes should be your priority so that you will be able to say your words in the right way.

Sometimes I don’t know if you miss me or forget me but each day, I tell myself that love will bring us together again.

A thousand miles between you and me. So many months apart, and still I love you with all my heart.

I hate every inch that separates me from you, although I know that we can with everything and you should know that when you return, I will be waiting for you here.

I will wait for what it takes, but I need you here by my side because you are my half.

Although distance and kilometers separate us, our love always brings us together again.

I can’t wait for the day when I can hold you in my arms again and never let go.

Distance may separate us physically, but it can never tear apart the love we share.

I never knew that love could be so strong, until I started this long-distance relationship with you.

I’m counting down the days until we can be together again, but in the meantime, I’ll hold onto the memories we’ve made.

Being away from you is hard, but it only makes me appreciate you more when we’re reunited.

Sending Hugs and Love Across the Miles

Sending Hugs and Love Across the Miles

When she is in your arms, she finds safest place. Maybe she is missing your hug by staying away, or you are yearning to give her a loving hug. Even sitting miles away, send hugs and love to your beloved, just you need those words that make your love feel that you are close to him and holding him in your arms.

My heart desires to hold you in my arms every minute of every day. But unfortunately, I can’t be there with you today. So, sending you virtual hugs for now.

Whenever you are in my arms, I feel like the happiest person in the universe. I am so sorry I can’t be with you today. But I will see you in a few days and give you the tightest hug.

Your hug makes me stronger, and I feel like I am invincible. Come and hug me soon!

Your hugs can cure everything and make my day a hundred times better. Make my Hug Day happy by giving me a warm hug.

I am not a fan of apples. So, for me, a hug a day can keep the doctor away. Will you come and give me a tight hug soon?

A mother’s hug, a father’s hug, a friend’s hug or a partner’s hug; they all are different because they mean different and for me you are special.

My arms are open to hug you close to my heart. Happy Hug Day, honey!

A tight hug from you cherishes my heart. Nothing feels better than your hug.

You can’t wrap love in a box but you can surely wrap your love in arms. That’s the beauty of a hug.

Sending some good vibes through the hugs because I always want the best for you. Happy Hug Day!

Fond Memories: Messages for Remembering Loved Ones

Fond Memories: Messages for Remembering Loved Ones

Nothing is better than keeping the person who has passed away in your memories, that means you have not been able to forget him/her even today. We hope and pray that our fond memories messages will heal, calm, and enchant you. Each message appreciates your emotions, feelings, and care and will immerse you in the devotion of your beloved.

To love someone so much it hurts to lose them is a blessing in disguise.

Remembrance never dies.

This can’t be the end as long as love is alive.

Remembering may hurt for an eternity, but it will also last as long.

In loving memory of the one we love, may your brightness always shine down from above

The life of the dead is placed in the heart of the living

I’ve never met a more loving and perfect mom. You were lucky to have her and we were lucky to know her. You’re in our thoughts always.

A year has felt almost like an eternity without your father here. We love him and miss him each and every day.

You’re missed more and more each day. A year without you is almost too much to bear.

Remembering and honoring you on this day, one year after this world lost a precious soul.

Reunion Anticipation: Messages to Express Longing for a Loved One

Reunion Anticipation: Messages to Express Longing for a Loved One

A word that reflects the spirit of Dreams of Reunion and longing of a loved one! There can be different reasons for separation, whatever may be the reason, it is better to reunion anticipation with your beloved. Leaving all the fights, arguments, discussions, hardships and negativity, share these reunite messages of ours and get the love again. Let’s get explored!

“If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.”

“Family is like branches on a tree; we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.”

“The only thing sweeter than union is reunion.”

“I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart so long. If we’re in each other’s dreams, we can play together all night.”

 “The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again.”

“My heart aches for your touch, my soul yearns for your presence.”

“Every moment apart feels like an eternity, but I’ll wait a lifetime to be with you.”

“Longing for you is both a blessing and a curse, for it reminds me of the depth of my love.”

“The distance between us only strengthens the bond within my heart.”

“Love knows no boundaries, and my love for you crosses every mile.”